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Installing LaTeX on Ubunu, Windows and Mac

This tutorial provides a complete guide of LaTeX installation/setup/configuration procedure. Just select your operating system and follow the respective instructions step by step. Here, you can find the installation and setup procedure for Ubuntu, Windows, and Mac operating system

You can find various LaTeX editors online for different operating systems. The editors whose installations are discussed here contain almost all the major features that are used for document preparation using LaTeX.

Select Operating System

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Windows
  3. Mac

Steps to Install LaTeX in Ubuntu: Download Compiler and Editor

You can find a number of distributions online. One commonly used is TeX Live. Steps to install TeX Live are as follows:

  1. Use the below command to install Tex Live distribution on ubuntu

    sudo apt-get install texlive-full

  2. In order to edit a LaTeX document, we require an editor. There are plenty of editors available online. I suggest to use Texmaker, which is a cross-platform supporting editor. Use the below command to install Texmaker on your ubunu system:

    sudo apt-get install texmaker

  3. After complete installation of the texmaker, use the below command to open Texmaker on your Ubuntu system:


  4. In order to create a document by using Texmaker, click on File and then select New. Now, write the following piece of lines in a blank document:

  5. 1
    This is my first latex document!

  6. Save your document as a '.tex' file. Click on File -> Save. Inorder to compile your document click on Quick Build arrow.


Steps to Install LaTeX in Windows

In order to setup LaTeX in your system, you need to download and install the basic version of MiKTeX. MiKTeX manages all the packages and installs the missing packages automatically.

  1. Visit
  2. Download MiKTeX installer
  3. Run the MiKTeX Installer for further installation
  4. Select I accept the MiKTeX copying conditions and then click Next after carefully reading the copying conditions.
  5. Select the scope based of your choice:

    1. Install MikTex only for me. (This will set up a private TeX installation.)
    2. Install MikTex for anyone who used this computer (all users). This will set up a shared TeX installation.
    It is advised to choose the "Install MikTex only for me" option.

  6. After scope selection click Next
  7. Click Browse to select the installation directory and click Next. You can also proceed with the default directory.
  8. Set your preferences and click Next.
  9. Review your installation and then click Start in order to start the installation.
  10. Installation will begin and will take a few minutes
  11. After complete process click on Close in order to exit from the installation wizard.

Steps to Install LaTeX in Mac

In order to setup LaTeX in your Mac operating system, you need to download and install the MacTeX.

Please follow the below steps carefully in order to download and install MacTeX:

  1. Visit
  2. Download MacTeX by clicking MacTeX Download link. The download file is of around 4 GB and can take several minutes to download.
  3. If MacTeX.pkg link to download is prompted, click on the Keep.
  4. Once MacTeX.pkg is downloaded, double click and open the MacTeX.pkg file in order to start the installation.
  5. Carefully read all the conditions and accept them. Then, follow all on-screen instructions for the complete installation. The complete process will take some time to install, so be prepared.
  6. Once the installation is done, you can delete the MacTeX.pkg file based on your interest.
  7. You can find all your installed programs within Applications | TeX.
  8. Open TexShop, which is the main LaTeX editor and start writing your first document.


All the best!

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